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Time for a casino in Rockford
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A casino will bring good jobs to Rockford.
And increased tax revenue.
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The Rockford community — state, local and county officials, business and community organizations, labor unions and others — stands together in support of a casino.

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The Rockford Community

  • Willing and able to spend millions of dollars investing in our community
  • Home to a strong and skilled workforce
  • A standalone market that 58,000 cars drive past daily on I-90 and I-39
  • No proximity to existing casinos and won't disrupt existing Illinois casino operations
  • A host of potential casino sites and the infrastructure needed to take on this project
  • A unified coalition willing to work with the State of Illinois to make this project a reality

Benefits of a Rockford Casino

  • $50 to $60 million in new tax revenues to state and local government annually
  • An estimated 1,000 union construction jobs and 1,000 good-paying permanent jobs
  • A surge in new revenues to be used for infrastructure, our schools, paying down debt and investing in our future
  • An increase in tourism to benefit our hotels, restaurants and shops

In & Out-of-State Competition

  • There are over 20 casinos on Illinois' border taking more than $1.5 billion annually over state lines – depriving Illinois of much-needed tax revenue
  • A proposed Beloit casino just a few miles north of Wisconsin would siphon tax revenue from Rockford, Winnebago County and Illinois and devastate the growing tourism economy as well.
  • The Beloit casino is nearing the end of its approval process – Rockford can't afford to wait any longer
  • Existing casinos often lack reinvestment incentives without competition